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Q: There's a device on my sink that water drips out of everytime I run my dishwasher. Is it supposed to do this?
A: It's called an Air Gap and NO it is not supposed to drip water. The water discharges from your dishwasher to this air gap and then makes a U-Turn back down to the inlet on your drains. The purpose of the device is to make the path of the drainage pipe rise above the water inside the sink, that way if the sink ever cloggs the water won't flow down into your dishwasher. If water is coming out of the device it usually means the pipe exiting the device and going to the drain hook-up (under the cabinet) is clogged or partially clogged. Remove the short section of hose, clean it out and re-install it and it should drain good with no drips. If you still have a problem call Galaxy Plumbing & Drain to come out and further investigate.

Q: Water heaters, faucets, toilets, etc. Is it better to repair or replace these items when they break? Is there a general rule?
A: There are several factors to consider but the general rule is the 50% rule. If you are going to spend over 50% of the replacement cost for a repair, you should consider replacement instead. However, even this rule can be misleading. For example, if you have a 15 year old water heater that needs repair I would consider replacing it no matter what the repair cost is just because of the age. Another example is a garbage disposal. Disposals last an average 7-10 years. Any repair needed inside the 7-10 year range should probably be skipped for a replacement instead. On the other hand, toilets can last quite a long time so repairs to your toilet are usually the way to go (at least until your toilet hits the 25-30 year mark).

Q: Is it okay to pour grease down my kitchen sink if I run hot water at the same time?
A: Unfortunately it is not okay. The grease is going to congeal (solidify) in your pipes once the water cools down. Eventually your pipes will clog because of the build-up of grease and other deposits. It's better to pour the grease into a can or wipe the grease out with a paper towel. Just don't pour it down the sink.

Q: How do I unjam my disposal?
A: Most disposals have a location at the bottom to insert a 1/4" allen key. Locate the hole by looking under your disposal. Insert the key and gently rotate back and forth until you free up the flywheel in the disposal. Once you have done that you'll need to use a flashlight and check for debris or foreign objects that are lodged in the disposal. If you see something (such as a screw, penny, soda top, bone, etc.) it will have to be removed or the disposal may become jammed again. And remember that you may have to press the little red button on the bottom of your disposal to reset the power. (The button trips to keep the disposal from overheating when jammed, which protects the unit from burning up the motor.) If you're having trouble getting your disposal unjammed just call Galaxy Plumbing & Drain. Not only will we unjam your disposal but we'll teach you how to do it yourself in case it happens again.

Q: Is it really that expensive if you have a faucet with a slow drip?
A: Not necessarily but it can be. It depends on the cost of water your local purveyor charges you. And even if the immediate expense is not a lot, eventually the pennies do add up. If you have a dripping faucet don't hesitate to call Galaxy Plumbing & Drain. We service ALL faucets!

Q: My kitchen faucet works fine but my sprayer head does not. Do I need to call the plumber?
A: Probably. There is a diverter inside the faucet that allows the water to be directed either to your faucet neck, or to the sprayer head. The diverter has to move freely inside the faucet. They often become lodged as they get older and won't slide properly. They are not difficult to repair but if you don't know what you are doing it's more challenging. I recommend calling Galaxy Plumbing & Drain to come service your faucet.

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