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Don't just take our word for it. Here is what our customers wanted to share with you about their experience with Galaxy Plumbing and Drain.  (comments are sent anonymously and may not have a name attached.)

John is an on-time, tell-it-like-it-is plumber.  He has done a few jobs for me now and is prompt, professional, explains the problem & solution to me, and implements it.  John works quickly and efficiently.  I've recommended him to others. -Nancy, Curtis Bay

John, the owner of Galaxy Plumbing & Drain is an incredibly honest professional businessman.  At midnight, my son needed emergency services for a water heater housed on his patio when the temperature was 11 degrees outside.  After calls to numerous plumbers, he contacted John to arrange for an early morning call, but instead, John was concerned enough with pipes bursting that he came out at 2:00 am.  Before he came out, he made sure we had tried all the possible solutions.  He diagnosed the problem over the phone and he was right.  He fixed it quickly and his fee was more than reasonable.  We HIGHLY recommend Galaxy.  They are competent, professional, and honest.  Thank you John.  -Susan, Rockville

I called on May 16 about a spraying leak in a hot water pipe valve that I had just turned off.  The person I talked to suggested using an open end wrench to tighten the packing nut and calling back.  It worked perfectly, saving me the expense of a house call.  I'll gladly pay for your services when needed!  -Alan Eason, Catonsville

Last week a poorly done trap in my bathtub started leaking and Galaxy Plumbing & Drain came out and fixed it.  I asked that they "bullet-proof" the trap with a copper drain and overflow.  They added a sealed schedule 40 trap.  I should be good for awhile.  My family has all old houses and I spend all my time painting, ripping up carpet, cutting grass, and fixing bad jobs so we can consolidate our housing issues.  I hate plumbing and roofing the most.  I can't do roofing at all now that I am older and have health problems.  So it looks like my plumbing issues will be solved for awhile.

I just had my water heater fixed for a very good price.  I called this morning and Galaxy Plumbing & Drain came out during my lunch hour from work.  It was all fixed and I only had to use 1/2 of my leave.  And the work has a 6 month warranty so I am very happy.

Special thanks to John of Galaxy Plumbing & Drain for responding to a major clog in our pipes that was making our lives unbearable.  Thanks to him and his wonderful staff we can freely go about our daily chores with no concerns.  What 2 other plumbers couldn't do, John did.  He worked endlessly until the job was completed, effectively and efficiently.  And his price didn't break the bank!!!  A very satisfied customer -Lisa B.

John Buchanan of Galaxy Plumbing & Drain responded within two hours of my evening call, efficiently unclogging our kitchen sink.  He provided effective and courteous service.  Furthermore, in response to my question Mr. Buchanan offered the pros and cons of undertaking a costly preventive maintenance plumbing project.  I appreciated his expertise and balanced advice.

The plumber was very pleasant and professional.  He worked quickly, was on time, and cleaned up after himself.  I would definitely use Galaxy Plumbing & Drain again.  -Kathy Gregorieff

Quick response and personalized service.  If I ever require the services of a plumber again, I know I can rely on John Buchanan and Galaxy Plumbing & Drain.  They would be the first ones I call.

This is what happened on a non-typical Monday morning.  I got up dreading going to work anyway because I had such a fabulous weekend but forced myself to go through the process.  I am completely dressed to go downstairs to get my keys and coffee and what happened??  I stepped into a puddle of water as I passed the bathroom - YIKES!  I run downstairs and there are ceiling tiles hanging from the ceiling, water is literally dripping, and the carpet makes that "squish - squish" sound.  Of course I am fuming because now I have to run back upstairs, get out of my suit, and clean up this mess (not to mention call out from work for a non-fun reason!).  I call my home warranty company and they put me in contact with Galaxy Plumbing & Drain - whom I did not know of and had not heard of, but was ecstatic someone was coming.  John called me and asked a few questions to diagnose the problem.  He said he knew exactly what it was, gave me a time block of when he would arrive, and would call when he was en route.  He did exactly as he said, was there on time, took the time to explain what was wrong, how to fix it, and how not to have a repeat performance of this issue again.  He also noticed something else that could potentially become a problem and fixed that as well.  To say that John of Galaxy Plumbing & Drain is a Master Plumber is an understatement.  I have already referred him to a couple of friends and have stored him on my cell phone as a permanent contact.  Thanks again John ---you saved the day!  -Ms. Thomas, Upper Marlboro

As he promised, John called when he was on his way and arrived by the scheduled appointment time.  He fixed the problem, gave me some helpful advice, and was very, very courteous and professional.  I'll definitely recommend him to others!  -CG, PG County

I was referred to Galaxy Plumbing & Drain through my homeowners warranty company.  I called on a Thursday and John showed up on Friday.  He was very courteous and solved my plumbing issues in less than an hour.  He took the time to educate me on the problems and how to prevent them in the future.  His service was prompt and very professional.  Not to mention, he left the work area clean when he was finished!  I'd recommend him to anyone needing plumbing services.  5 star service!!  -Artecia, Severn

I, like many of the others that have left reviews, called Galaxy Plumbing & Drain from an ad online.  I called him in the early morning.  He said he had a full day but was pretty sure he could squeeze me in.  Not only did he fix my problem but he was at the house @ 8:30pm!  His van broke down but he did not try to push me off to another day.  He worked all day to fulfill the commitment that he had made.  THEN he called me the next day to make sure everything was fine.  I have not received customer service like that in a very long time.  I WILL recommend him to ANYONE that needs a plumber!!!

Today our kitchen sink/disposal was clogged and we needed a plumber.  Unable to find any references/referrals from neighbors, I took a chance with the Yellow Pages and chose Galaxy Plumbing & Drain.  We were told someone would be here between 4:30 - 5:30 pm. John and his son were right on time.  Not only was John patiently training/explaining things to his son, but he patiently answered all my questions and took the time to explain what was happening, and what needed to be done.  My wife and I are EXTREMELY pleased with the work that was done and with John and his son.  I won't hesitate to ask for Galaxy/John again in the future!!

Outstanding!  We initially contacted Galaxy Plumbing & Drain from a Superpages Ad at 4:30 pm the afternoon before our drywall contractors were supposed to arrive.  We discovered we needed last minute assistance with plumbing issues respective to a bathroom remodel we were attempting to do ourselves.  John Buchanan stated he would be at our house in an hour and showed up with a smile and reassurance that our problem could be fixed.  Although he wasn't wearing a cape, he was our super-hero!  Our problem required after hours work into the late hours.  John was the consummate professional.  He was so very kind and polite.  He provided an accurate assessment of our problem and the cost/time associated with the repair.  His work was terrific.  He was incredibly insightful and provided us additional tips to help us with additional work that we would be completing ourselves.  Most importantly, he also determined that our PVC issue would affect our toilet installation as well.  John was right there to provide us a solution and scheduled a return visit immediately.  He is honest, fair, and reasonable.  Seldom do you see these characteristics anymore.  We have found our plumber for life!  Thank you John.  -Ike and Amy Porter, Catonsville

The snow Storm of Feb. 2010 was a storm that we will never forget.  On Sun. Feb. 7th I needed a plumber "BAD" because I was unable to run water or flush the toilets.  It started on Sat. Feb. 6th but no one was able to get to me.  So Sunday morning I just went down the yellow pages.  Everyone I called said they could not get to me until Monday or Tuesday.  I came across Galaxy Plumbing & Drain and I called John.  HE WAS OUTSTANDING...He was so professional and polite and told me that he would be there within 1-1/2 hrs.  He called me to tell me that he was going to be 15 minutes late because he had to make a stop.  I WAS SOOO HAPPY THAT HE WAS COMING, I DIDN'T CARE IF HE WAS LATE.  I would recommend him to anyone who needs plumbing service.  He was not referred to me, I found him in the yellow pages.  That is odd because you take a chance on someone you don't know or that is not a referral.  I usually go by referrals.  PLEASE GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR BUSINESS.  I WISH A LOT OF PLACES WERE LIKE JOHN.  And he didn't charge extra because it was a blizzard.  John, thank you for all your assistance.  It's an experience I will never forget.  -Angela Melton, Edmondson Heights

I heartily agree with all the comments posted.  I had an emergency plumbing problem last night.  I called John (of Galaxy Plumbing & Drain) and he answered right away and was at my home in an hour (on time and exactly when he said he'd be there).  He is polite, knowledgeable, and very fair on prices.  I had no prior knowledge of Galaxy Plumbing & Drain and saw their ad in the Yellow Pages.  I feel fortunate to have found him (although I hope I don't need his services for a long time) and I will absolutely use him again for any plumbing needs, and would highly recommend him to anyone.  -Helaine, Pikesville / Mount Washington.

I was referred to Galaxy Plumbing & Drain from my home owner's insurance company.  I found the service representative (John) friendly and knowledgeable.  He fixed our problem without fuss or fanfare.  He was also kind enough to give his expert advice concerning a purchase we will be making in the near future.  Thank you Galaxy!  I am a truly satisfied customer.  :)

John (of Galaxy Plumbing & Drain) was great.  I called him today at 7:30 pm and he was at my door an hour later.  He fixed my bathroom quickly and he is very fair on price.  I would recommend him to anyone who needs something fixed.  Thanks again John!  -Justin, Owings Mills.

Recently, my water heater broke and John of Galaxy Plumbing & Drain came in very quickly to fix the problem.  I was really impressed by his friendly attitude and this is probably the very first time I relaxed while this big job was getting done.  While he was fixing the heater, he noticed that the water pressure was low for one of the toilets.  He ended up checking all the toilets and did not charge anything extra.  Furthermore, there was an issue with the pressure reducing valve which was making this rackity noise every time I would turn on any of the faucets.  To get rid of the noise would have cost a couple of hundred dollars but he offered to see if he could adjust the valve and if that would get rid of the noise.  He clearly was looking out for my interest rather than his own and that action totally "got me".  I DEFINITELY would be telling others about his service from here on.  THANK YOU, Emma.

John (of Galaxy Plumbing & Drain) came highly recommended through the Catonsville Mom's Club.  He was fast, courteous, and friendly.  He took a stressful situation and made it easier to manage.  I would recommend him to anyone that has a plumbing problem, emergency or not!

John was highly recommended after successfully completing major pipe replacement for my mother. As first time home owners, my husband and I quickly realized the importance of having honest professionals who are accessible,  accountable and take pride in their work. By far, John has met and exceeded our expectations and brought a whole new meaning to "service with a smile". Needless to say, my mother has had no further issues with her plumbing system since the replacement of the old, broken clay pipes that were invaded by tree roots. Furthermore, I now rest assured since John's same day visit to assess and correct the issue by clearing out our main sewer line. I highly recommend John and Galaxy Plumbing and Drain for a job well done!

Absolutely the BEST, Galaxy Plumbing & Drain turned my old aged pipes and faucets into new, with ingenuity and talent.  They located the hard-to-find parts and installed them in a timely manner, and the cost was reasonable.  Highly recommended!

Great work John!  I'd recommend you to any of my family and friends.  Thanks.

No matter what my problems are these guys always have the answer.  I had a leak within the structure of the house and they found the solution quickly.  I found I had another leak within the foundation and once again they quickly came up with the solution.  They are extremely knowledgeable and I feel like I could trust the owner John like my brother.  Great job guys.

I cannot praise Galaxy Plumbing & Drain, and John in particular, highly enough.  If you are looking for prompt, reliable, and efficient service, call Galaxy Plumbing & Drain.  I have never gotten an answering machine and John has always responded to my emergencies in the most timely manner.  And ladies, he also cleans up after the job is finished!  -Katharine, Millersville.

We have used Galaxy Plumbing & Drain several times with excellent results.  Galaxy Plumbing & Drain would be the first one we call if we have future plumbing problems.  John is an extremely knowledgeable, friendly and personable guy.  -Ed & Janice, Baltimore.

John was very friendly and worked hard to make sure that our kitchen faucet and drain were properly repaired and no longer leaked.

John of Galaxy Plumbing & Drain responded promptly to our call and fixed our water heater within a very timely manner.  His price was very reasonable and the work he did was very neat.  I highly recommend his service.  -Christie Behnam.

I needed a gas valve installed behind my gas range and called John from Galaxy Plumbing & Drain.  He was very friendly and accommodating to my needs.  Once he arrived he was very professional and friendly.  He even suggested another option that would save me money which shows that he is more concerned about his customers rather than his own pockets.  I HIGHLY recommend John and will be letting everyone know about his services and great prices!!  Thanks John!!

What a great experience!!  It was Sunday and we had an emergency.  We did not have or know a plumber to call, so we had to go into this blind.  Fortunately, we ran across the Galaxy ad in the yellow pages and decided to call.  John returned our call within minutes, gave us a price quote over the phone (which none of the other plumbers would do), and gave us a time estimate for his arrival.  Everything was just as he quoted us.  Now we don't have to worry about not having a plumber.  We will DEFINITELY go with John and Galaxy Plumbing and Drain again.  We highly recommend them.  Thanks again, John.  -Dan and Angie

I was very happy with the service I received and the time he came out.  I called, he was out the time he said.  The work was excellent.  He explained everything.  I will be calling him again and I will be telling everyone about him.  Thank you.

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